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vendredi 30 janvier 2009

Together : Ensemble

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Journée de grève nationale, 29/01/09 ! pour voir la mobilisation c'est ici
Entre 8000 et 15000 personnes ont manifesté dans les rues de Besançon . Le cortège était impressionnant , sur près de 2 kms ! Difficile de choisir les photos pour rendre l'évènement .

National day strike, 29/01/09 !
From 8000 to 15000 people demonstrated in Besançon streets yesterday . There were a stream of people along 2 kms , very impressive ! always difficult to choose the photos to relate such a big event .

pour ceux qui ont du temps un article ici

8 commentaires:

Olivier a dit…

presque le thème du jour sur les blogs français ;o).
Moi j'ai bien aime la grève, personne sur la route pour aller au travail ;o).

Tash a dit…

the 1st photo is very impressive. I'll look more into this.

Leena a dit…

I think, French can do this kind demonstrations best even sometimes it is happening like in Paris yesterday evening.
When I was visiting in Paris, every day I saw small, peaceful dmostrations in the streets, they are in Finland very rare and if something like this happens, it is a big deal in peoples mind.
Thank you for your visits my blog and your kind comments there!

Bhavesh Chhatbar a dit…

What was the strike for?

Baruch a dit…

Great selection of photos. You have succeed in giving the viewer a good perspective of the demonstrations. My favourite is the most definitely the 1st one.

Lindab a dit…

Very clever and even erudite slogans you have in your strikes! I don't think we rise to quoting famous authors in ours!!

JM a dit…

Great demonstration pics!

Kris a dit…

They seem angy often.