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samedi 24 janvier 2009

knock...knock / toc...toc

yesterday Olivier tagged me , thanks Olivier !
I have to tell you 6 details about me :
1: I need glasses to read ( and i always forget where they are ;))
2: I don't like to do the dishes (i know some who appreciate !)
3: My favourite dessert is lemon pie , yummy !!(without meringue !)
4: I can't stand people talking or eating at the cinema .
5: I don't smoke .
6: I never put sugar in my tea .
Olivier m'a tagguée hier, merci à toi ....
Je dois vous révèler 5 détails me concernant:
1: J'ai besoin de lunettes pour lire ( et je ne sais jamais où elles sont ;) )
2: Je n'aime pas faire la vaisselle (j'en connais qui y prennent du plaisir ! )
3: mon dessert préfèré est la tarte au citron (sans meringue !)
4: J'ai horreur des gens qui parlent ou mangent quand ils sont au cinéma !
5: Je ne fume pas .
6: Je ne sucre jamais mon thé .
je passe le relais ,décidez ou non de le faire / now it's your turn ,do it or not it's up to you !

6 commentaires:

Lindab a dit…

I see you've tagged me - I'll have to give this some thought! (but like you I can never find my reading glasses)

Leena a dit…

I came just home and saw your tagging - wait for moment,please, when I have settled down:) I was over a week away and my thoughts are still with my grandchildren, but thank you for remembering me !

Lily Hydrangea a dit…

Now I will think of you every time I eat my popcorn at the cinema! LOL.
Thanks for the tag Babzy!

Lori a dit…

Thanks for tagging me. I've been so busy today I haven't had time to think about it yet. :) I'll try to do it soon! It was nice to learn more about you!

Ming the Merciless a dit…

I love doing dishes but I have vacuuming. You want come to my apartment and vacuum while I do your dishes?

tr3nta a dit…

I still didn't had the time... thank you for thinking on me... :-)