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vendredi 20 mars 2009

One sunny day

A young couple looking for the demonstration !
Un jeune couple à la recherche de la manif !
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I met them on my way , very surprising and funny !

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As you can see the sun was here and we were many in the streets, about 15000 people of all ages were present !
Comme vous pouvez le voir le soleil a accompagné cette manif , environ 15000 personnes de tous âges ont défilé dans les rues !

7 commentaires:

Marc a dit…

It's an interesting report from the demonstration. Even the ducks seem to disagree with Sarko :-)

Lori a dit…

We've seen a lot in our papers here about the demonstrations. It looks like everyone was there, including the ducks. I love that shot!

Mo a dit…

What did the ducks do with their placards

Tash a dit…

The ducks are so humorous! How great to come across them. Great captures of the demonstration. I'll read up on it in the news.

Kris a dit…

It's all happening there!

Are French students ever happy?

Dusty Lens a dit…

The ducks have the streets all to themselves. What was this demonstration about?

Babzy a dit…

Protest marches were against the economic crisis and French state policy. Several million workers and youth participated in the demonstrations.