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mercredi 25 mars 2009

Falaise et lierre / cliff and Ivy

The climbing site near Ornans, 22 km from Besançon (500m high)

It' s rare to find a ivy so old , it is particularly fascinating to see how the branches and the trunk take on the shape of the rock !

Click on the shots to enlarge them ;)

Il est rare de trouver de si vieux Lierre , la manière dant celui-ci épouse parfaitement le rocher est fascinant ! Ce site se trouve à 22 km au sud de besançon et 3 km au nord ouest d'Ornans , la falaise domine le confluent de la Loue et de la Brême .

10 commentaires:

Dusty Lens a dit…

that ivy is ancient! The branches of this vine are so large.

Olivier a dit…

impressionnant cet arbre dans la montagne (bravo pour le zoom sur les racines)

Bhavesh Chhatbar a dit…

I just went mad looking at that tree structure!

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Virginia a dit…

That's amazing. We have wisteria here that has vines that get quite large.

Lori a dit…

The trunks of the tree in the last photo remind me of crawling snakes. What a fascinating plant. It must be very hardy to have lasted so long on that cliff.

Mo a dit…

It certainly is very old.

Leena a dit…

I could not believe my eyes, when you said, it`s the ivy!! I enlarged the image, it`s unbelievably!
And WHAT, am I greedy - hm, I have to think twice and yes I AM, but only for summer!
Good night, sleep well!!

Marc a dit…

In the third picture it is like tree and rock merge.

Lindab a dit…

My goodness - this must be seriously old.

JM a dit…

What a fantastic ivy! Just amazing!