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mardi 24 mars 2009

Old bike

Click on the photos for details .
Marc ,i hope you will appreciate this old bike , nothing exceptional but a creative way to make it usefull , i can say that this one is unique ;)

Un vieux vélo , rien d'exceptionnel sinon la manière dont son propriétaire la transformé à toutes fins utiles , exemplaire unique , j'espère que tu apprécieras Marc !

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Olivier a dit…

par ce temps de crise, retour aux valeurs sûres...

Leena a dit…

Good morning, Babzy!
And thank you for your comment on my site, unfortunately it went to earlier post, not today`s one, but it does not matter :) It difficult to come back up and find there a comment place in my Wordpress template.

Your "flower sea" is fantastic and over month before ours.

This bike is like my father`s bike after the WWII - historical!

Bhavesh Chhatbar a dit…

Quite a common bike, but as you mentioned, it's unique in itself by the added usability.

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Dusty Lens a dit…

I enjoy bicycle photos. This one is interesting with the luggage racks. Useful to go to the market.

Lori a dit…

I guess they've converted it into a delivery bike. Better for the environment! I like the green color.

Marc a dit…

Oh, this bike looks great. I like the way it has been customized using improvisation. Very practical and environmentally friendly. Super! Thanks for mentioning me in your post Babzy!