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jeudi 19 mars 2009

Grêve générale

political graffiti ! iI will try to go to the demonstration this afternnon et make some shots !

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Olivier a dit…

la grève a quelque chose de bon : le covoiturage n'a jamais aussi bien marché. Bonnes photos de la grève

Marc a dit…

Take care!

Anonyme a dit…

Same demonstrations have been here against a new University organization.
But it is too late, I think, because everything has already decided.

I have put together in a new Wordpress address from my old Blogger blogs posts
and I will publish there now and then, when I have energy and time enough to do it.
Welcome to visit by clicking Leejatta :)

alice a dit…

Vaste sujet...J'aime beaucoup les photos que tu as faites autour de l'escalade.

Mo a dit…

Ah it's that season already