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samedi 28 mars 2009

join !

Eteignez vos lumières pendant une heure samedi de 20h 30 à 21h 30 ! Un petit clic pour une grande prise de conscience !

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Lily Hydrangea a dit…

Yes! we will. It was a lot of fun dining by candlelight last year, & laughing in the dark, feeling like we were doing something positive for our fellows.
Thanks for the reminder Babzy.
; )

Arnaud a dit…

Je n'avais jamais entendu parlé de ça mais j'adhere a 100%!

Marc a dit…

Great idea and I'll participate. What they don't say on the Earth Hour site is whether you should turn off things like computers and television as well, but I guess that's up to the individual. Here very little attention has been paid to Earth Hour and there's only a few public lights that will be turned off. I think very few people will participate, which is a great big shame. Anyway, thanks for reminding us Babzy.

Leena a dit…

We were with grandchildren eating by candlelight this evening, and I was telling them, what does it mean. I think, they will remember this evning.
Thank you for your visit my cold post, I send to you warm greetings:)

Lindab a dit…

When we turned off pretty much everything on Saturday night (apart from the fridge and freezer) I was surprised at how much quieter it was. T