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mercredi 11 février 2009

Grey and Blue

J'ai été tout de suite attirée par la concordance des couleurs , l'uniforme est totalement adapté à son environement ;)
I was attracted straight away to the matching colours, to the uniform perfectly adapted to the environment.

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Lily Hydrangea a dit…

I like the primary colors against the grey.

Olivier a dit…

bleu pour les trains régionaux et la classe en gris pour les grands trains, non ?

Bhavesh Chhatbar a dit…

That's linked right by you :)

Leena a dit…

Thank you for your answer !
I have to explain, that the weather outside was not too cold for us, because we had used to much colder, but the houses were so cold and we have warm houses always even if it`s outside -40Celsius as we sometimes have here.But just because we have so cold, we have to have a continuous heating on in the houses, Scotland does not need it so necessarily, we understood it.
People were "warm" and kind. We are in touch still with three Scottish families from Aberdeen.
Have you visited there after your living there?

Lori a dit…

You do have an eye for colors and patterns. I like how the shot takes your eye out into the distance. These must be fancy trains to have uniformed conductors like that!

JM a dit…

You have good eye! :-) Very cool inded.