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jeudi 5 février 2009

Details (click to enlarge photos )

Just look up and you find beautiful scuptures ( Palais Granvelle ) !

6 commentaires:

Leena a dit…

Those details are always worth photographing!
A modern architecture has those their big straight lines to look at.

Nice day to you!

Olivier a dit…

de belles sculptures, bonne idée le zoom dessus.

Marc a dit…

Looking up often reveals beautiful things that one would otherwise not notice. Important especially if you're out to take some pictures. This is a nice study, the two at the bottom appear to have more details, but all are worth looking at.

Dusty Lens a dit…

the details and craftsmanship is pretty. I enjoy this detail. In our modern era, we neglect beauty for straight corners of glass boxes. You have a lovely city!

Lori a dit…

What interesting faces. It looks like they've stood up very well to the test of time. I love details like this. In fact you will inspire me to show some gargoyle photos I have!

JM a dit…

Beautiful old column capitels! Nice collage!