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vendredi 19 décembre 2008

les îles sur le Doubs (click to enlarge )

Along the river some little islands ,can you see the birds in the trees ,they are cormorants .

5 commentaires:

roentarre a dit…

Very beautiful and poetic shot!

Ming the Merciless a dit… pretty and calm.

Great job on the photo.

Lori a dit…

How lovely, almost like a painting. I like the reflections of the trees on the water.

Linda a dit…

Very tranquil. The reflection of the little islands is beautiful.

Merci d'avoir visite mon blog. Moi aussi j'aime Michel Tournier!

Unknown a dit…

I thought to have left a comment on this post, but it doesn't show... Anyway, this photo is beautiful and the place looks so tranquil!