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mercredi 15 avril 2009

mad or not mad , that is the question ?

Rue du Cingle , je ne connais pas la définition de cingle , mais un petit malin a ajouter un accent ce qui donne maintenant la rue du cinglé , très drôle !
I don't know what cingle means but a joker adds a accent mark and the word turn out in "cinglé" which means mad or crazy , so here we are now in the street of the crazy man !

7 commentaires:

Olivier a dit…

superbe ce nom de rue (avec en cadeau ce double sens interdit) bcp d'humour dans ta ville.

Anonyme a dit…

It have to be a gazy street, when you can not drive at all or what are those signs ?? ;)

Nice day to you, Babzy!

I hope, we will manage in China.
I hope also, that my husband will not speak Chinese - he has studied now some words and is very enthusiastic with language :)) He may try to sell me, when he means to buy someting to me. . . Words are same but they have to say differently. So, wish me luck!!

Bath Daily Photo Blog a dit…

Like this!

Marc a dit…

Seems you can't go anywhere but back here, maybe that's why :-)

Mo a dit…

I love street artists who can play with language like this

Ming the Merciless a dit…

HA! Thanks for explaining the meaning of the word to us.

Whoever vandalized the sign has a good sense of humor.

Marie-Noyale a dit…

Je vais ameliorer mon vocabulaire!!!