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samedi 11 avril 2009

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Voici les nouveaux taxis de ville , pour un euro du km, ils vous conduisent à la force du mollet( assistance électrique) ! Un bon moyen de se déplacer sans émettre de gaz à effet de serre ! de plus ils font de la pub pour le salon Bio qui se tient ce week end à besançon , j'irai y faire un tour et quelques photos biensûr !
Introducing the town's new taxis downtown :For one euros per km, they give you a ride, pedal power(electric assistance ) will take you where you want to go .Green and clean , what better way is there to get around !Moreover they advertise for the a big ecologic event that takes place this weekend , i'll go and will take somme shots !

4 commentaires:

Dusty Lens a dit…

And good exercise too!

Lily Hydrangea a dit…

this looks so clean and civilized, a far cry from what I see in my city.
I love the windows on the buildings in the background.

JM a dit…

I've seen them in Lisbon last summer, though a bit different. They are western version of the tuk tuk! :-)

Marc a dit…

We have some bicycle taxis here too. I think it's a great initiative. I look forward to your pictures of the Salon Bio. Most of the food I buy is bio (organic) and it tastes a lot better than non-bio, apart from all the other benefits. And of course there's a lot of other bio things you can buy, but which are not that widely available yet. Unfortunately it's still a very small part of the market, but I hope it will take off some day.