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lundi 13 avril 2009

Le temple du saint esprit ( 13th century)

La chapelle de l'hospice du Saint-Esprit, 13ième siècle, devenue temple protestant en 1842.
I tryed sepia but i think the B&W adds more contrast . It hasn't change at all !

5 rue Goudimel à Besançon

8 commentaires:

bARE-eYED sUN a dit…

excellent! beautiful match. :-)

thank you for sharing.


Ming the Merciless a dit…

Wow, nothing has changed. And the sepia color really gave it an antique look. Great job!

Dusty Lens a dit…

Timeless, there is no need to change this beautiful architecture. Perfect in black and white.

Valy a dit…

Rien à changé!

Marie-Noyale a dit…

You are right it has not changed!

JM a dit…

This is really cool! Your b&w photo is just great!

Marc a dit…

Some things don't change and that's just fine in this case.

Kris a dit…

I love before and afters. Tremendous!