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mardi 30 septembre 2008

Some flowers to you Gulla !

Découvrez Martha Wainwright!

There are flowers almost everywhere in Iceland ,you find them in unespected places like rocks deserts !

On trouve des fleurs presque partout en Islande ,dans des endroits où on ne les attend pas comme les déserts de pierres .

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Netfrænkan a dit…

Thank you soooo much for the flowers Ely :D
Those are one of my favorites they are called blóðberg which means blood on rock and are excellent to dry and use in tea and in lambdishes.
The cows are hilarious hahaha!!
I´m still not finished with my thesis :( but it looks like I´ll make it this week he he he. As soon as i´m finished i´ll be in touch. Luuuuvvvvyaaaa xxx

Olivier a dit…

on dirait une stèle en hommage a quelqu'un, une vieille tombe. c'est très beau