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jeudi 25 septembre 2008

Forest and poetry / Forêt et Poésie

We dicovered this tiny forest dedicated to Jónas Hallgrímsson , it's a beautiful place , it is such a pleasure to find trees in Iceland !
Nous avons découvert cette toute petite forêt dédié à Jónas Hallgrímsson ,c'est un bel endroit , on est tellement heureux de trouver des arbres en Islande !

Jónas Hallgrímsson

Charming and fair is the land,
and snow-white the peaks of the jokuls [glaciers],
Cloudless and blue is the sky,
the ocean is shimmering bright,
But high on the lave fields, where
still Osar river is flowing
Down into Almanna gorge,
Althing no longer is held,
Now Snorri's booth serves as a sheepfold,
the ling upon Logberg the sacred
Is blue with berries every year,
for children, s and ravens, delight.
Oh, ye juvenile host
and full-grown manhood of Iceland!
Thus is our forefathers' fame
forgotten and dormant withal."

Jónas Hallgrímsson (November 16, 1807May 26, 1845) was an Icelandic poet and author. He was one of the founding members of the Icelandic magazine Fjölnir, which was first published in Copenhagen in 1835. The magazine was used by Jónas and other nationalistic poets to invoke nationalism in the hearts of the Icelandic people in the hopes of inciting a popular resistance against Danish rule. Jónas was one of the most beloved poets of Iceland and put into words some of its best-known poems about land and nation. He died in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1845 as a result of blood poisoning, following his refusal to go to hospital after suffering a broken leg.

Jónas is considered one of the founding fathers of romanticism in Iceland. His poetry exhibits a strong influence from the Icelandic landscape. He is also known for introducing foreign metres, such as pentameter, to Icelandic poetry

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3 commentaires:

Olivier a dit…

j'avoue que je ne connaissais pas Jonas Hallgrimson, merci Wikipedia et ton post. C'est si rare que cela les arbres ? la vallée est superbe.

Babzy.B a dit…

olivier avant les glaciations du quaternaire l'île était couverte de feuillus mais l'expansion de glaces a décimé la flore ,les vickings à la fin du 9ème siècle défrichèrent,résultats ,plus beaucoup d'arbres...mais il y a une politique de reboisement. J'ai pu le constater il y a des plantations dans beaucoup d'endroits ,le programme mise sur l'implantation d'espèces importées d'Alaska et de Sibérie.Si tu regardes mes photos il y a peu d'arbres...

Olivier a dit…

merci pour tes explications, c'est triste un pays sans arbre.....