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vendredi 5 juin 2009

Belle Ile # 38 : Sauzon

please click to enlarge :)
The first shot is one of my favourite , it was really beautiful to see all these little boats with their green buoys !

The peaceful little harbour of Sauzon .

8 commentaires:

Karine a dit…

Ces photos sont superbes, j'adore les petites marinas!

Leena a dit…

Very, very serene, beautifully blue, white view and so well captured!

Warm, sunny day to you! We have here had stormy, rainy and rather chilly days, it`s pitty bcause apple trees are flowering and could need bumblebees.

henny a dit…

Yes, Babzy. I clicked the first image, it's way beautiful. Feels like jumping into the water. Happy weekend.

JM a dit…

Both shots are gorgeous, but the 1st looks even funny having all the boats facing you! :-)

Valy a dit…

C'est beau , on ressent le calme et la quiétude du lieu.
Merci pour cette série sur Belle-île.

Dusty Lens a dit…

Beautiful photography! I do enjoy the sea and marina images. Love this one!

Baruch a dit…

Awesome photos, especially the 1st one - my favourite!

Carrizo a dit…

Un endroit ideal, un petit Paradis sur la terre!!!