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lundi 6 octobre 2008

timber house / Maison en Bois (click on the title for the link )

Gilsstofa Buildings of this kind were constructed in many places adjacent to turf farmhouses; they were the precursors to the wooden houses that were built in the years leading up to 1900. Gilsstofa has an interesting history, as it was repeatedly moved from place to place in the years from 1862 to 1891.
(Internet research )

5 commentaires:

Olivier a dit…

petite maison toute seule, abandonnée dans cette grande plaine (pas de version française today ;o) ). On pourrait chantonner le generique de la petite maison dans la prairie.

Lily Hydrangea a dit…

what is growing on the roof? It seems like such a small home for so much land around it.
nice photo.

Babzy a dit…

This is a turf roof. The common Icelandic turf house would have a large foundation made of flat stones, upon this was built a wooden frame which would hold the load of the turf.

Lily Hydrangea a dit…

very interesting. I would love to go to Iceland one day.
I have heard that it is more green than Greenland, Is that true?
I heard that Iceland named itself that way to deter too many people from settling there.

Ming the Merciless a dit…

Oh wow! So beautiful!!!