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jeudi 12 mars 2015

Pont Canot

Une belle mise en lumière du Pont Canot

5 commentaires:

Dirk Rosin a dit…

great b&w photo !

Olivier a dit…

et le b&w lui rend bien hommage , superbe

Tall Gary a dit…

I didn't know that Victor Hugo was born in your city. You must be proud of that.

I like the composition of this black & white photo. Although there is little apparently going on, it is very dynamic. The two pedestrians walking on the bridge to the right give a human scale to the scene. And, above the two people, it is fascinating how the power lines almost seem to disappear into thin air. With the angle of the quay like that the river below the men comes to an arrow point, pointing in the direction the people are walking. The brilliant white of the sunlight on the bridge itself is offset by the dark shadows supporting it.

Unmistakably French the photo depicts a mix of both modern and traditional sensibilities.

Than you for sharing this image of your city.

Thérèse a dit…

Une belle teinte/lumière.

VP a dit…

A beautiful bridge!