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vendredi 30 mars 2012

Stairs / Escaliers

Rue de Granges , Besançon.

7 commentaires:

Karine a dit…

Trop génial cette photo!

LeenaH a dit…

Good sunny morning from wintry Finland!
Yesterday was grey and snowing , this morning we have sunny white glimmering winter morning - 7 Celsius :)
Welcome to ski here!
Or perhaps you enjoy better your spring flowers over there.
Good weekend to you and your family!

donnie a dit…

such a cool place :)

Webb-Bellegarde a dit…

Les escaliers de Besançon sont vraiment magnifiques. Belle photographie.

JM a dit…

Not only the stairs are fantastic but also the composition is brilliant!

joshi daniel a dit…

that looks unique and cool :)

Dominic Doherty a dit…

THose stairs are beautiful!!! No competition for the boring staircase in the house that I live in :-)

have a nice week!! Hope you're more lucky weather-wise than myself; it's been raining and even snowing in Hamburg... in April!!! I never would've thought that to be possible :-)