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dimanche 12 juillet 2009


The building is planed to be demolish in september, many swallows nest under the roof , in order to keep the birds in the aera , they built this nest tower and it works ! Protection of birds in the city is very important !

5 commentaires:

Jacob a dit…

I can understand keeping swallows...but what if the pigeons take over?

Maybe you don't have pigeons?

meretnature a dit…

Bonjour , c'est une très bonne chose que l'on protège les oiseaux
bon dimanche

henny a dit…

Do you think they will provide shelter for the birds in the new building?

Babzy a dit…

jacob we have pigeons but they don't nest like this .
Henny , i don't really know ... i will follow the new construction , an Art museum !

henny a dit…

Hopefully. An art museum? Wow..